Aftereffect Of The Contemporary Technology Disruption On The Community In Pakistan

1.1 Tech Contribution In Development

The contribution of technology to the development of the world is undeniable. Technology has revolutionized the world completely and changed the way we obtain, share, and spread information, and has uplifted our degree of awareness to a whole new level. Social media becomes an integral part of our daily life to interface our thoughts, ideas, and experiences with others across the world. The digital revolution has also resulted in mechanisms for promoting knowledge of rights and removing obstacles to those rights realization. 

1.2 Social Media Users Till 2023

According to the survey in April 2023, there are 4.80 billion social media users worldwide, equal to 59.9 percent of the total global population. Over the past 12 months, social media users have continued to grow with 150 million new users, equal to the average rate of 4.7 every second.Throughout 2022, on average there are about 72.9 million active social media users in Pakistan on a monthly basis with an annual growth rate of 4.3 % in 2021-22 . This represents about 31.5 % of the total population of pakistan. 


1.3 Effect of Internet Disruption On Quotidian Life

A little disruption in technology can cause a bigger problem as the Internet is our lifeline; our office, our communications infrastructure, and the IT industry can’t operate without it. Modern life relies on internet connectivity, and its absence can disrupt daily routines and quality of life. Internet disconnectivity can affect people's ability to communicate, work, learn, stay informed, and be entertained. 


1.4 The Current Political Turmoil Bad Consequences

The current disruption of technology in Pakistan has also disrupted personal lives and is expected to cause a $3-4 million loss to IT exports per day (Startup Pakistan). Millions of Pakistanis rely on the Internet to undertake essential business activities. The affectees include hundreds and thousands of freelancers and digital creators. In addition, Pakistan earned around $2 Billion in IT exports during 2022, a critical source of funding for a country that is struggling to meet its foreign exchange needs. 

1.4 What to Do?

Pakistan  needs our support from each individual working in any field or community. Let’s unite and contribute, to have a Prosperous and Innovative nation to rise and shine Pakistan. The Tech companies have the potential to make significant contributions to Pakistan's economic growth and development by, among other things, generating new employment opportunities, boosting overall productivity, fostering innovation, opening doors for exports, and funding educational and vocational training programs.Pakistan is one of the top five countries in the world for freelancing, with a significant calculated amount of $0.5 billion generated entirely from freelancing. The expansion of the software industry in Pakistan has the potential to radically alter the economy of the country and make a significant contribution to the country's overall progress. Let’s work flawlessly for the peace and development of PAKISTAN.