Evolution Of Manual File Management System To Eco-friendly Paperless Filing System

Digital File management and File tracking system is an advancement from a manual system to a much more Eco-Friendly paperless filing system. It is Pakistan’s first SAAS-based digital file tracking system to manage e-offices.
The File tracking system has numerous attractive features, it's way easier and more accessible to manage files in an e-office system. FMS is promptly accessible to be deployed for all departments in order to manage and track files with easy to use dashboard. Features such as reports, performance, and archived files establish transparency throughout departments.

Going paperless can diminish  your company's carbon footprint and greatly impact the environment. IT-driven solutions have been incorporated in almost all business environments, any organization lacking these IT artifacts cannot excel in this globally competitive environment.
Switch to a paperless environment with a fast, easy, and smart KP File Management System.