File Management System - Pakistan’s first SAAS-based digital filing system, it’s a shift from hefty file operations to an efficient digital file maintenance system.KP-FMS manages data and information in a systematic and well-organized manner to track files throughout the file hierarchy.The Application offers numerous attractive and user-friendly features such as; file initiation/creation, mark file, forward files (Movement), file history and most importantly document attachment with multi layers. It allows Admin to assign role based access to different users of the organization, restrict and grant different levels of permissions to specific users. In addition,each initiated file is assigned a unique QR code which assists in tracking files and maintaining the entire file history. Likewise, files can be marked to one or more users from multiple departments.

Since file management is imperative for data and information storage in any organizational hierarchy. Therefore, KP-FMS is your next step towards digital revolution in the global economy to browse, search, arrange, and quickly preview different files through a secure system. The system is designed to create files generated with a unique QR code, arranges files with monthly and weekly performance reports, and displays the file status and additionally offers to edit or add data to files.

KP-FMS is intended for all government, non-government and private organization of KP in order to manage and track files with easy to use dashboard. So, save your time from searching through millions of files and focus on the work that matters most. Now make your team more effective and efficient with digital File Management System.

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