The significant hurdles which businesses tackle everyday is the maintenance of the file cabinets and the chances of errors in paper-based documents which are being used for decades now. Even while working in a bodily office, these report files bring more chaos to the table than calm. So, that’s where File Management System comes in. It permits us to work smarter and extra productively.

Digital File management and File tracking system is an evolution of manual system to a much more Eco-Friendly paperless filing system. It is Pakistan’s first SAAS based digital file tracking system to manage e-office. The digital Era offers elimination of unnecessary time consuming efforts from the office staff, which they can utilize in performing other significant tasks. Our User-friendly design shall help switch to paperless system with easy and time saving mechanism.

The File tracking system has numerous attractive features, its way easier and accessible to manage files in an e-office system. FMS is readily available to be deployed for all departments in order to manage and track files with easy to use dashboard. A feature such as reports, performance and archived files establishes transparency throughout departments.

With the Mobile Application , staff can access files and process it even if they are not available at the office. Now with FMS mobile App you can review files, mark them, check the status and even create files to keep the ball rolling.

file management system

FMS eliminates the necessity for manually filing paper documents and replaces it with easy-to-use automation. Additionally, with KP-FMS you can create custom metadata fields to optimize the file management system. Any authorized user can initiate the file, enter labels and mark files to multiple members of the organization. The system features such as instantly searchable files in a centralized repository equipped with extensive search capabilities. Whether you search for the document by checking the date you produced the file, the author’s name, search the metadata field, or a portion of the document’s text, you can find the document in a matter of seconds.To preserve quality and compliance, FMS includes robust document control features such as security, two-factor authentication, audit trail, record retentions, and access control.

You no longer need to worry about losing important files or leaving them in the wrong hands. A digital storage system can safeguard and monitor all file activity, so you will always know who has seen or modified the documents.

file management system