File Management System – Green Offices

In this new digital era, the focus is on transformation from physical to digital. People prefer to shop online instead of going to the market. This saves their time and energy. However, if we visit the offices, we see large arrays of files. It is time consuming for the office staff to find a file. Also, physical files consume a lot of paper which is expensive. Our goal is to transform the offices to green/paperless offices.


We come up with a solution, i.e. File Management System (FMS). FMS is a web and mobile application that manages all the file movements, starting from diary dispatch to next in command that moves it further in the departmental/organizational hierarchy efficiently.

FMS not only tracks file but also handles performance with Analysis and reports. The department can now remotely access files and process them through Mobile Application. They can view file information, forward it, check the status and even create files.