World Youth Skills Day

The Global Youth Demographic

Around the globe, currently, there are 1.2 billion young people aged 15 to 24 years, which make up 16% of the total population. According to the latest UN report, this number is expected to grow by 7% which will be 1.3 billion by 2030. However, youth unemployment is a growing concern all over the world. Shockingly, only one-fourth of the world's young individuals are on track to acquire the skills necessary for employment, education, or training.

The Importance of Skills:

Skills play a vital role in shaping the personal, professional, and social lives of young people. By acquiring relevant skills, individuals significantly enhance their chances of securing suitable jobs and accessing better career opportunities. Moreover, skills empower youth to embark on entrepreneurial ventures, contributing to economic growth and fostering innovation. Equally important, skills development nurtures self-confidence, self-esteem, and personal effectiveness, enabling young individuals to navigate challenges with resilience and determination. Equipped with skills, youth can actively participate in societal growth, address community issues, and effect positive change. Skills act as the foundation for lifelong learning, adaptability, and self-sufficiency in an ever-evolving world.

The Significance of World Youth Skills Day

The core cause of unemployment in the younger generation is the lack of skills so the goal of the world youth skills day is to promote awareness of the importance of the youth skills and there is a critical need to invest in our youth. On this world youth skills day, we should unite as a government, corporations, and civil society by giving access to quality education and skills training opportunities to foster our youth with the latest skills they need for jobs. In line with this objective, WQSoftwares has taken a proactive role in uplifting the skills of the youth in collaboration with NAVTCC (National Vocational and Technical Training Commission) under the Prime Minister Youth Skill Development Program. We have launched a wide array of training programs and courses to provide quality education and skills training opportunities to young individuals. Let’s hold the power of skills and empower our youth to become the change-makers and leaders of tomorrow.