Security & Compliance


Network Security

Network security has grown into an important concept today with multiple devices communicating with each other over wired, wireless, or cellular networks. Every organization must protect its network to successfully deliver the services that their employees and customers demand. By combining multiple layers of defenses at the edge and in the network, we help protect your proprietary information from cyber-attacks. Corporations over the years have realized that Network Outsourcing to best of breed IT service providers like Our team can yield them significant cost savings and business benefits. Our offerings are conceptualized, implemented and delivered keeping in mind the entire suite of network security services.

  • Network Consulting, Implementation and integration

    Using hybrid cloud and IT as a Service deployment, we help you assess, design and plan a dynamic network aligned to your IT and application needs. Our network consulting, implementation and integration services help unify your network infrastructure and make way for new technologies like SDN, NFV and more. We help strengthen your network security capabilities with IPS, IDS, URL Filtering, AMP, and AVC features.

  • Network Operations Center

    Our IT support technicians supervise, monitor and maintain client networks through a network operations center that provides firewall and intrusion prevention systems, network discovery and assessments, patch management and whitelisting, performance reporting, backup and storage, email management, application software installations, troubleshooting and updating, policy enforcement, and other critical network security services.

  • LAN, WAN, WLAN Management

    Our team partners with leading networking equipment suppliers to deliver tailored services to our users. We can help you with WAN, LAN, and WLAN solutions so that you have a secure, fast and cost-effective working environment regardless of your requirements. We also monitor and manage customer-owned IT infrastructure on a global scale and leverage predictive network analytics to identify potential network issues before they impact crucial operations.

  • Managed Unified Communications Services

    The communication environment of enterprises is highly fragmented with multiple service networks and differing solutions for voice, video, contact center, and collaboration. Our team’s unified communications management spans voice/IP telephony, voicemail, IVR, messaging, multimedia conferencing, contact center, support for connectivity, and business analytics. Partner with us to deploy advanced collaboration technologies to drive enterprise productivity.