Advance Tech


Internet of Things

The tech team helps in bridging the physical and digital worlds to create intelligent ecosystems that deliver value at every step. IoT solutions and services to fuel higher levels of efficiency and create new business models

  • IoT Data Management

    WQsoftwares can develop and deploy cloud-based IoT data management solutions. We involve closely with enterprises to advance an accurate architecture which can empower visualisation, modelling and analytics of data through IoT devices.

  • IoT Application Management

    From people to process, organisations have numerous tools that keep their business ticking. Our team works faithfully with organisations to understand and set up custom build applications to link your tools together to upsurge productivity and efficiency.

  • IoT Consulting Services

    Collaborate with WQsoftwares to progress your customised IoT solution sculpted on our tried-and-tested, effective integration methods. The extensive portfolio of IoT structure technologies supports you iterate IoT processes, connect and accomplish smart devices.

  • Customer Experience

    Our IoT Suite enables you to transmute raw data into actionable intuitions. We help you to understand the customer behaviour and forecast market trends better, fabricated on customer loyalty.

  • Fashioning Business Innovation

    Novel ideas are native when you work with fresh partners, latest technologies, firsthand assets, and fresh data streams. Through improved agility, productivity, innovation and proficiency, the Internet of Things can take your enterprise forward.

  • Optimising Business Operation

    Transparency is critical to structuring smarter business processes. IoT enable you to keep track of all the employees through departments and different locations, evaluate business functions and scrutinise outcomes irrespective of the business locality.