Capacity Building


On-Job Training

On-Job training is necessary for effective employee development, which shall increase productivity and efficiency in industry. On-job training is a proactive method of teaching skills, knowledge, and proficiencies necessary for employees to carry out a specific job within the workplace. Employees learn in an environment where they can implement the knowledge and skills acquired through the training. On-job training utilizes existing workplace tools, software tools, documents, and knowledge to teach an employee how to effectively do their job. Thus, no stand-ins exist which shall require an employee to make the training transfer to the workplace. These training happen within the employee's usual job environment and may follow as they perform their actual work. It may even take place somewhere else within the workplace like dedicated training rooms, workstations, or equipment. A coworker often conducts on-job training if they can proficiently perform the job being taught. But interpersonal skills, company policies and requirements, leadership training, and more are also topics that human resources staff, managers, or coworkers can teach in the workplace.